With Automatic Rain Lighting Systems, you can enjoy and highlight the areas of your landscape around the clock. When you dedicate so much time and money into an eye-pleasing landscape, lighting systems are the next logical step. Plus, like all Automatic Rain services, these customizable systems offer proven efficiency and noticeable cost savings that a quality home improvement stores can't offer.

Some of the great options we offer include (but are not limited to):

Path Landscape Lighting is an excellent way to illuminate walkways and pathways. Whether it's the perimeter of a 3-story office building or along the walkway to the front door, this lighting option is ideal for providing an appealing–and safe–24-hour walkway.

Garden Lighting is the perfect way to showcase a garden, area of shrubbery, or even a unique tree. Automatic Rain will work with you to determine which areas of your garden you wish to accent, and provide a lighting solution that meets your needs.

Spotlighting is just right for highlighting a focal point of a landscape or exterior. Whether it's illuminating a building's façade, a residence's deck, or an exquisite garden statue, Automatic Rain can get the job done right. An experienced lighting technician can also show you how cross-lighting can bring an object or garden element to life.

As always, contact us to find out what options we offer might be best for you!